Notch Steel Thirlmere Charm

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Mark your Lake District achievements and memories with this Thirlmere charm featuring its length of 6.05km to represent a visit or completed swim!

NOTCH Charms (Notches) are designed and made in Yorkshire, UK. They're hand polished and available in a range of fabulous colours and materials, including brass, stainless steel, and anodised aluminium. They have a 10.75mm diameter and a 5.00mm wide rim.

Fitting Notches

NOTCH Charms are specially designed to fit perfectly over one end of an open NOTCH Bracelet clasp, Loop or Tale end. You’ll receive two rubber spacers to place either side of each NOTCH Charm, so as your collection grows, all your Notches will sit snugly and safely on your Bracelet, Loop or Tale. You'll be able to fit at least 20 NOTCH Charms, plus spacers, onto any NOTCH Bracelet, and 12 NOTCH Charms onto any NOTCH Loop or Tale.


To keep your NOTCH Charms in best condition, we recommend that you clean them regularly with a cloth. Brass will tarnish naturally but retains its stunning shine when polished regularly with an appropriate brass cleaner.

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